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Come un giorno a Napoli


We are the largest chain of Neapolitan pizzerias in the world, a reference point for true Neapolitan pizza and cuisine. And we are Neapolitans!

For over 20 years we have maintained this leadership by basing our philosophy on 3 important pillars: craftsmanship entrusted to pizza makers and chefs from the Neapolitan school, the quality of raw materials, the choice of historical and excellent suppliers.

We are the largest Neapolitan family in the world made up of over 3000 people, including 400 pizza chefs and chefs, who work in 100 pizza restaurants in Italy and abroad. Our service is impeccable, and is based on the renowned Neapolitan hospitality.

Rossopomodoro's experience is summed up in its claim "like a day in Naples" which means immersing yourself in the history, culture and flavors of Naples in any Rossopomodoro you are in Italy and around the world.

Yes, because we are the true Neapolitan tradition, we are its authentic flavors, we are its colors, just as we are also the joy of Naples and its warm welcome. In some way we are also "little Naples" scattered around the world, because in each of our premises there is a cross-section of our beloved city, its landscapes, its monuments, its artistic decorations that come to life in the furnishings, in the majolica, on the walls and architecture of each Rossopomodoro.

We are the Excellence of our territory, through the use of typical ingredients that come from historical suppliers and from high quality local productions, such as all the variety of tomatoes, our greatest treasure and our own name. We use more than 10 different ecotypes based on the natural cycle of the seasons and we directly follow the cultivation and production until they become, in the hands of our chefs and pizza makers, sauces, sauces and condiments for many pizzas and dishes.

Today we are located in the historic centers of the most important Italian cities, Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Palermo, Bari, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Perugia, in various tourist locations from North to South, as well as in the main stations and airports and in many shopping centers throughout the country and in the world.

We have been doing all this for more than 20 years and if you still don't know us, we invite you to live this wonderful experience for the first time. Take a seat, enjoy a pizza or a dish of our tradition, close your eyes and enjoy your day in Naples!


Via Toledo, 205 - Napoli

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